If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, most of your decisions are probably dictated by the bride’s taste and preferences. But often the groom is also eager for a way to incorporate his interests into the big day in some small, but significant, way. If this is true in your case, then you might consider adding a special touch by ordering a custom groom’s cake.

The Groom’s Cake

Cost For A Grooms Cake

Never heard of a groom’s cake? It’s really just a second cake that you can display and serve at your wedding that has a less formal feel than the primary wedding cake, and as such, often offers a fresh alternative to the more formal cake’s flavor and taste. Some groom’s cake are of the most basic designs (such as one or two round tiers), while others are formed into all sorts of fancy shapes. Further, many groom’s cakes reflect a special passion, be it collecting sports memorabilia, supporting a local athletic team, being an avid golfer, bowler or sports car racer, or even drinking beer. Whatever you enjoy, you can likely find a good wedding cake designer who can translate your interest into an edible display.

An Age-Old Tradition

There are several different versions of how the groom’s cake originated. One such story is that the tradition of having a groom’s cake dates back to the Victorian era. According to historians, couples in those days living in England had separate cakes for the bride and groom to serve to their wedding party members. Another story traces the first groom cakes back to France. The legend is that that the wedding cake would be broken over the newly-married couple’s heads there. In response to this practice, the groom’s cake is said to have come about in order to be used for this instead, thereby saving the formal wedding cake to feed to guests.

Regardless of where and when the first groom cakes were made, over the decades the concept eventually spread to the United States. They continue to be popular today, especially among brides and grooms in the Southern states.

There is also a superstition that if an unmarried woman puts her piece of groom’s cake beneath her pillow, its presence will spark her to dream of her future husband. This idea has many single women, both in the South and elsewhere, lining up at the end of the wedding for this most meaningful taste.

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