Do you dream of waltzing down the aisle wearing a Vera Wang original? If so, you better start saving now, since the price of owning such an exquisite gown can be quite high. But don’t let the cost scare you off, since this is one investment whose value will stand the test of time.

Invest In The Best

Cost For A Vera Wang Wedding Gown

In the midst of the struggling economy, falling stock prices and rising unemployment rates, you may feel guilty if you want to splurge on a wedding dress as extravagant as those made by Vera Wang. But perhaps you will get some peace of mind when you realize that the ailing state of the country is indeed temporary, while your memories and photos of you looking radiant in a couture gown are something you will have and hold on to forever.

If you need to reign in your budget in other places, you may consider foregoing the wedding favors, selecting seasonal flowers instead of imported ones, and economizing on some of the other less-visible details.

The Wang Touch

Have you ever seen a Vera Wang gown up close? If so, you know that what sets these dresses apart from the run of the mill selection are truly the fine details and sophisticated lines they possess. Vera Wang dresses are sleek and sophisticated, made from luxurious fabrics and adorned with unique and elegant details, including rich hand-beading, elegant bows, tulle overlays, full ball gown shapes and understated trains. Further, most Vera Wang dress designs stand out because the sleek silhouettes manage to combine a modern silhouette with a true timelessness that strikes the perfect note for many brides, regardless of their taste. Most Vera Wang gowns also have very body conscious lines, showing off your figure in the tasteful style.

How A Designer Was Born

You may first have heard Wang’s name associated with Vogue Magazine, where she held the prestigious role of Senior Fashion Director for the better part of two decades. She also had a leading role at Ralph Lauren. It was during her reign at these two places that Wang is said to have recognized the lack of style that existed in the bridal industry. This realization eventually sparked her to try her hand at filling in the gap: by launching her own high fashion bridal line geared to brides with upscale taste who wanted something elegant and sleek for their big day.

Celebrity Style

For a number of celebrities, it just isn’t a wedding if they aren’t flaunting the perfect Vera Wang gown. In fact, the tradition of well-known names getting married in a Wang dates back to 1994, when famous skater Nancy Kerrigan turned to this designer to create a one-of-a-kind look for her wedding. Other famous people who have followed suit and have helped make Wang such a household name include Jessic Simpson, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman and Mariah Carey, among others. (It is interesting to note that Wang veers away from wedding creations to also design costumes for U.S. Olympic skaters.)

Something For Every Taste

Cost For A Vera Wang Wedding Gown

If your vision of your big day features you wearing one of Vera Wang’s sexy but elegant strapless dresses, you will be in good company. The strapless dress is one of Vera Wang's most popular designs and comes in a range of different fabrics and cuts. Ruffles, trims and sashes make each style unique, whether you opt for a column shape, pleated folds or refined puffs of carefully crafted layers. Consider the range of options that exist, from warm tones of ivory organdy that falls in sleek pleats, to a creaming taffeta adorned with a jaunty taffeta bow that pools at your feet to irridescent silk with just a hint of lavender that features the perfect swirly drape.

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