Cost For Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning a wedding, selecting the perfect invitation is essential to communicating your vision to your guests so that they will know what you have planned. To this end, the look, feel and style of your wedding invitation will give important clues in terms of the tone of your day and the appropriate style of dress. For instance, a more formal invitation typically signifies an elegant, black tie affair, while more unique wedding invitations are perfect for a casual wedding where you will be planning to reveal a bit more of your own personal taste and flair.

Match Your Wedding Invitation To Your Event

Your overall wedding budget can also strongly dictate your wedding invitation look and expense. If you are inviting guests for a 5-star dinner, you will likely also be planning to spend a hefty amount on the invitation you send and will want to find something muted and in good taste to match the tone of your event, while you can get away with spending much less on your stationary, and going for more colorful and unconventional options, if you will be hosting a barbeque or ocean side ceremony and foregoing the formal wedding dress.

A Long-Standing Tradition

The tradition of formally inviting guests to a wedding can be traced back through the centuries, but the method used has evolved quite a bit. For instance, historians note that in one of its earliest form in Old England, “bidders” announced the wedding celebration on the streets to passersby, inviting all to attend. In the 18th century, this progressed to people having their wedding invitations published in the local newspapers, while in the mid-19th Century, it is said that most couples had engraved wedding invitations hand-delivered to their guests. Today, the tradition of engraved wedding invitations still exists, but most brides and grooms of course prefer to use the U.S. postal service to share the details of their event to the select group they would like to attend.

Something For Every Taste

Today’s weddings truly encompass the gamut of possibilities that exist. You can find anything from intimate home affairs for a small guest list of friends to week long parties with several hundred guests to formal sit-down dinners dripping in elegance with all of the trappings of a royal event. With such an array of possibilities from which to select, the assortment of wedding invitations is equally endless. For instance, you might consider very formal engraved cards on the finest quality, heavy weight paper, or you may prefer an elegant wedding invitation with hand-pressed flowers, scrollwork or other special detailing to reflect the special tone of your big day. Many couples are also turning to Do-It-Yourself kits, which offer all of the pieces you will need to print your own wedding invitations at home and put them together yourself. While the price for this more creative approach is often comparable to some of the more basic professionally printed cards, by going it alone you can greatly up the quality of the materials you select without spending more than you can afford.

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